The Tale of the Halloween Home

Being in the business can be spooky at times. There’s not a spookier time than when homes all around the neighborhood are lit brightly for Halloween night. Our spookiest Halloween story came from our agent, Brenda Carsey, during her Spotlight interview. Gearing up for Halloween, it’s only right this story be told to it’s fullest for all the goblins and ghouls haunting our blog this Halloween season.

The Story:

I arrived at a showing in Circleville, Ohio, prepared to greet the buyers of my seller’s home. The home was a large estate that was built in the early 1900s- it was very stately. I welcomed the couple into my seller’s home for a walk-through expecting nothing but the typical procedure. Shortly after greeting them we entered the property to a few unexpected sights. We stepped into the home and I noticed doorway insulation that had fallen on the floor. I wandered down the back stairs to find droppings covering the floor and window. Okay, so maybe a bird had entered the property and couldn’t find its way out. I found the destruction to be peculiar, but my initial thought was not unrealistic.

It was their time to walk through the house by themselves so I headed out to the box wooden rose garden in the front to pull weeds. My hands collected grass stains so I decided my deed was done and I set off for the kitchen sink. I turned on the water to sink and as soon as I looked down i was spooked. There was a bat in the garbage disposal. It was wicked! Even worse was that the couple was still touring inside the house- an agent’s worst nightmare. I panicked thinking about the couple coming through the kitchen. My way of controlling the situation in the meantime was throwing a dirty bag on top of it. I was horrified by the experience, but nonetheless the couple never saw the critter that was consumed by the garbage disposal.

The bat had exhausted itself in the house and after finally getting the mess cleaned up I was exhausted myself!

It isn’t often that agents encounter a spooky situation such as Brenda’s, but they do encounter strange situations one would never expect to happen. When you’re out this Halloween night galavanting around the town, don’t underestimate the unexpected. You never know what spooky situation might come your way next!