A Homeowner's Guide to Halloween Night

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Safety comes first for these homeowners on Halloween night. Here are the top safety tips to abide by when following your little ghost or goblin around the neighborhood.

  • Put reflective material on your kids or give them a glow stick to carry

  • Avoid darker colored costumes if you’re letting your children walk far ahead of you

  • Check all candy before you let the little ones indulge

  • Practice safety when crossing the street and always stay on the sidewalks

  • Plan to go door-to-door with a small group of 1-2 mothers and their kids

  • Designate a spot on the sidewalk to meet after each house

  • Check your child’s costumes to ensure they wont trip or fall if its too long

  • Opt to use non-toxic makeup on your children’s face instead of allowing them to wear a mask

  • Advise the children they should never enter a home for candy

  • Go to the homes that are well lit with porch lights

  • Read labels for children with food allergies

  • Teach your child how to use the buddy system when going up to homes

  • Plan your trick-or-treat route ahead of time

  • Wear your walking shoes and bundle up: it’s better to be overly warm than cold

  • avoid sharp weapons and masks that block the face

  • last but not least: teach the kids to always say thank you to the homeowner passing out the candy

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Option one: Confide in a pet sitter for the night if your pet is too rambunctious

Option two: Put your animal in their cage

Option three: If your pet is your best friend, dress them up for the trick-or-treater’s entertainment

A few tips:

  • Don’t leave your pet near opened candy, glow sticks or any source of fire

  • If your pet is in a cage put them in a quiet, safe place where they won’t be distressed from the constant ringing of the doorbell

  • Make sure your pet’s costume isn’t too tight or too loose to avoid chewing/choking and tripping

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  • Put a different light source in pumpkins than candles to fireproof all the little kid’s experience

  • Guide kids down the driveway by blocking off your yard with festive decorations

  • Reduce your chances of break ins on Halloween night by locking all your cars

  • Get rid of any front porch decorations that kids could trip on

  • Stay away from candy with possible allergic contents: skip the peanut m&ms and just buy regular

  • If there are very small children in the neighborhood avoid candies that are easy to choke on

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Chances are these homeowners will have lots of leftovers. Here’s what you can do with those:

  • The chocolate candies can be mixed in with a cookie recipe or brownies to make a monster mash of yummy treats in one

  • Make a candy bark to enjoy

  • Take the leftovers to the office (the more popular choice)

  • Chocolate and peanut butter candy bar popcorn for your next movie night

  • Candy and chocolate chex bars/rice krispies

  • Make your own ice cream and mix it in or put it on top

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All of your kids are out of the house, but it’s equally important you buy the right candy. In case you forgot how the whole night goes, here are tips and tricks to being an empty nester this Halloween:

  • If passing out candy just isn’t your thing anymore, check out this suggestion of wines to pair with each Halloween candy.

  • The cheapest stores to find bulk Halloween candy are Target and Walmart.

  • If your child grew up with allergies, you understand the pain of having to say no on Halloween night. Allergy friendly candies include Mike and Ikes, Skittles, Dots, Starburst, and more!

  • No kids means more time to catch up on all your favorite TV shows. Abandon the bowl on the front porch if exhaustion settles in or if you just don’t want to be bothered.

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  • Homeowners with haunted houses should keep all entry and exits to the haunted area well lit

  • It may be in your best interest to update your insurance policy

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  • Those driving during trick or treat hours should watch for kids in the neighborhoods

  • As always, don’t be distracted while driving through residential neighborhoods

  • Communicate effectively with those on the street by using proper turn signals and making eye contact