Ways to Say 'Thank You'

As turkey day approaches it’s important to remember what you’re thankful for, right? We’re thankful for all our agents and staff who work tirelessly to provide excellent services to all clients across Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

Perhaps clients are thankful for the person who put them in their home today. The one who made the move worth it and who went the extra mile to assist them. The agent who went above and beyond to deliver an unforgettable experience that made making this huge life decision easier in difficult times. Real Estate agents spend time giving back to their clients each year. Whether it be via email or constant communication, you’re now part of their network. It’s important to give thanks to those service providers who made your house feel like a home when it was all said and done. There are a handful of ways to give back and say ‘thank you’ to your agent.


Referrals are the foundation of an agent’s business. it’s through your word of mouth that agents are able to secure clients beyond their marketing efforts. By reaching out to your friends and family who are making a housing transition, you’re doing your agent the biggest deed you possibly can. This type of ‘thank you’ is perhaps the highest an agent can receive.


Reviews are another word of mouth form that can reach beyond just family and friends. Our agents use Social Survey to collect reviews about the services they provide all clients. If you sincerely believe in the service you were provided, take that extra step in saying ‘thank you’ by shouting it to the world through a review.


Our agents typically don’t expect more than a verbal ‘thank you’ once the transaction is complete. If you really want to make your agent smile, write them a thank you card to express your gratitude. Incorporate special messages you bonded over that may make them chuckle or remember how they helped you get through the tough times that come with purchasing a home.

By giving a simple ‘thank you’, good karma is sure to come your way. Take that extra step they took to further reinforce your relationship and to let them know of your gratitude for the services they provided.

Happy Thanksgiving!