Moving Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Moving Tips, Tricks & Hacks

You found your dream home and the papers have been signed. Now what? It’s time to pack your belongings and finish the home search process. Packing up your entire home can seem overwhelming without a large crew to move your items.

Today on the blog, we have tips, tricks & hacks for new homeowners who choose to hire a company as well as owners who are ready to get down and dirty with their own boxes and cargo gloves.

1. Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items before you begin packing


2. Put color coded labels on EVERY box indicating what's in the box along with which room the box should be placed. 

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3. Packing your plates vertically will lessen the risk of them breaking during the move. Putting garbage bags over the clothes in your closet is the easiest way to transport them from the old closet to the new closet while still on hangers.


4. Take a picture of how wires fit into your electronics so you can easily plug them back in.


5. Packing your plates vertically will lessen the risk of them breaking during the move. 


6. The biggest benefit to hiring a moving company is the insurance that comes along with it. If any items break during the process you will be covered by movers insurance. 


7. Stacking styrofoam plates between glass plates will add cushion to prevent them from breaking.

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8. Baggies are important. Tape sandwich and gallon size baggies of parts and pieces to their respective furniture for reassembling.


9. Leave as much as possible in your drawers. Putting plastic wrap around dresser drawers and silverware trays makes for easier unpacking.


10. Buy magazine racks to segment and organize the inside of your boxes.


11. When you arrive at your new house, wipe your baseboards with dryer sheets to repel dirt that will get tracked inside and keep them cleaner for longer.


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12. Pack a night essentials bag full of what you need at the end of a long day of moving.


13. Try out different dates and times when researching moving companies. You will save money by providing moving companies with several different days that all come with different respective prices.


14. Invest in a shoulder dolly to carry the toughest of large, heavy items like mattresses.


15. Use a rubber band to keep the doors of your home open. This stops movers from having to open and close the door using the handle.

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16. Take advantage of the empty house before moving everything in by cleaning, dusting and protecting the carpet from unwanted dirt.


17. Last but not least, don’t forget the obvious: turn in a change of address form at the post office, find new service providers in the area, transfer prescriptions and school records, backup all breakable devices and make sure to soak it all in as you complete your move into your new home.

Once you’re all moved in you can kick back and relax. That wasn’t so bad after all now was it?