Home Surveillance


This week we’re doubling down on security measures. Increasing technological advances along with Americans interest in keeping their property safe has sparked a trend among security systems within the past few years. According to Safeguard The World, 2,000,000 burglaries are reported each year. Due to this increasingly connected world, burglars are able to rob you of your valuables in 10 minutes or less and they usually attempt during normal work hours to reduce witnesses. Seeing as they are in and out in just minutes, it’s become easier for them to successfully commit the crime. Home monitoring systems are extremely important in stopping these thieves from persistently entering your home and catching them on camera in the act.

There are many routes you can take when researching home surveillance systems. Factors that influence your search include exterior video versus interior video, doorbell surveillance, night vision and alarm sound features. Each popular surveillance system we have discovered includes at least one of these surveillance features. Though these systems are popular, there are hundreds of products on the market tailored to each individual homeowner's surveillance needs.

Ring Video Doorbell

This surveillance system is perfect for the homeowner who frequently receives packages. The humor in this surveillance is the two-way audio and one-way visual communication. Homeowners can see and talk to everyone who rings their doorbell receiving an alert through the app when it rings. The person on the front porch can only hear what the homeowner has to say.

Homeowners can look through archived video from the day in case they miss the doorbell ring. The camera stays on regardless of a visitor at the door allowing stolen packages to be better traced back to intruders who take what’s not theirs. You can purchase your Ring Doorbell surveillance on AmazonBest Buy and Ring.


Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring also has become popular for it’s floodlight camera. The camera replaces your outdoor flood lights to detect motion. It is the homeowners decision whether they choose to sound the alarm or flash the lights. This outdoor Ring camera can be set on a schedule to shine when motion is sensed in a particular zone of the home.

The camera has the ability to rotate 270 degrees and it features night vision. One camera system includes two floodlights on each side. The homeowner is given two-way audio communication through the system. The outdoor cameras are weather resistant with the ability of enduring both  cold and hot temperatures. You can purchase your Ring Floodlight Camera on Amazon, Best Buy and Ring.


Nest Security Cameras

Nest offers a wide range of security products including outdoor and indoor cameras starting at $199. The indoor camera has an important feature that recognizes faces. The noise and echo suppression allows you to clearly hear intruders through the two-way audio communication. The indoor cameras also allow homeowners to zoom in with HDR technology. The system stores photos from the last 3 hours in the home in case you miss an alert through the app. With a Nest Aware subscription homeowners can implement 24 hour continuous recording.


Nest Secure Alarm System

This Nest alarm system has technology never seen before in the good old passcode ridden alarm. This system bypasses remembering a passcode with the convenient tap of a Nest tag that makes the system children friendly. The app sends reminders to set the alarm and for those times you are forgetful the app allows you to set the alarm from your device after you have left. For the homeowners who have let their dog outside in the middle of the night while the alarm was active (we’ve all been there) Nest offers the option to temporarily disarm one door. The path light feature lights the way for late night snack cravings when the sensors detect motion in dim light. This alarm system is unlike any other with its many features that ensure your home is safe during all hours of the day.


Amcrest Outdoor Camera

Amcrest Outdoor Cameras are a cheaper option to the Nest and Ring surveillance. Amcrest has rolled out several outdoor cameras to blend in or stand out against your home. These camera systems come with an app and playback video as most other security systems do. The difference in price comes from Amcrest’s lack of two-way communication and alarm sound features. The angle on this particular outdoor product is 72 degrees, but you still have the ability to customize each zone outside of your home. Simply knowing a home has surveillance is the first step in chasing burglars away from your home. This Amcrest outdoor camera is currently on sale for $74.99.


Vimtag Indoor Camera

Vimtag’s indoor camera options are unique in their ability to pan and tilt. This Vimtag option is slightly cheaper while still offering the two-way communication through the video system. Push notifications are sent to user’s phone through the app when motion is detected. Vimtag also offers a range of products including a Petcam for pet lovers and Senior Safety Kit for elderly relatives. The Cloud Camera starts at $89.95.

With the popularity of Facebook’s News Feed feature, multiple users have posted video of their burglar attempting to steal packages from their home. Here’s just one video that stresses the importance of home surveillance.

It’s in every homeowner's best interest to look out for what matters most to them; the valuables they would rather keep out of intruder's hands.