Top 5 Smart House Products

Everyone knows what a smartphone is, but what’s even more impressive in today’s technology talk are smart houses. As technological advancements are being made across every industry, real estate is no exception. Homes are just getting smarter!

Building a smart house is a process that begins with one device that has several features. Devices like voice assistants and Samsung’s SmartThings Ecosystem can give homeowners control of more than one appliance in their home. Current products on the market have transformed homes into a less than ordinary experience that includes turning off the wifi when it’s past the kid’s bedtime and enabling lights to turn on as your elderly relative gets out of bed late at night. These conveniences bring homeowners the comfort of knowing their loved ones are safe and they’re in complete control of the systems in their home. Artificial intelligence brings all the individual devices you use daily into one main hub that allows you to organize your appliances’ features. With all the contradictory information provided in product details and the less than simple set up of these products, it’s hard to figure out where to start. Here are 5 products that will instantly turn your home into a more intelligent version of itself:


1. Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung has created a central hub that controls add-on features that can be purchased to control appliances in your home. This hub is the “brain” of the ecosystem that includes all SmartThings products you decide to purchase. Additional products that can be controlled by this hub include alarm systems, window temperature sensors, water leak sensors, light bulbs, motion sensors and smoke alarms. The best feature of this hub is its ability to communicate with each product through wireless technology. Similar to most other smart technology, the products are controlled by a phone application. You can purchase the Samsung SmartThings Hub on Amazon, Best Buy or the SmartThings website.


2. Philips Hue

Philips light bulbs are a popular option for lighting in homes. The company has created a smart lighting system controlled by smartphones and voice assistants. This system called Philips Hue can change the ambiance in the room or simply set lights to timers. It also has the capability to slowly brighten the lights so your wake up call has more of a sunrise effect. The Philips Hue lighting system starter kit comes with a bridge for homeowners to set up and the rest of the application downloads are up to you! This lighting system can be purchased on the Hue Shop website, Best Buy and Amazon.


3. Piper Security

The Piper home management security system is a wireless system with no monthly fees. It works on three modes of security that mark your status as home, away or on vacation. The Piper features include a siren during breached security, motion and sound detection, 180 degree views and 2-way audio. Your home can be controlled using the Piper app to monitor who is in your home and hear what they are saying. The app sends users live alerts on their smartphone and allows them to set protocol rules. Similar to the SmartThings Ecosystem, the Piper has additional products that consumers can purchase to reach higher levels of security in their home. These wireless features include window sensors, door sensors, lighting control and appliance control. You can purchase the Piper home management system at Get Piper and Amazon.


4. Nest Thermostat

A smart thermostat like the Nest can save you more money than you think on your monthly bill. This thermostat saves energy by allowing homeowners to customize heat and air conditioning settings without constantly having to turn the knob. The thermostat has the ability to turn down while you’re at work and bring itself back up to the temperature you desire by the time you’re back at home. The special Nest Temperature Sensor can be bought separately to balance the temperature through the entire house. If one room typically gets hotter, the Nest thermostat will quickly get the temperature up in that room without the help of the homeowner. The Nest Thermostat can be purchased on the Nest website, Amazon and Office Depot.



This robot vacuum is known for its ability to suction dirt without getting easily clogged with your pet’s continuous shedding. The ECOVACS DEEBOT newest model N79S can be controlled through a smartphone application and voice assistant devices in the home. The robot vacuum makes little to no noise while cleaning around objects in each room. Cleanings can be scheduled under four modes of auto, spot, edge or single-room. The device also has bumpers covering the edges so it doesn’t damage any furniture if it’s object sensors don’t detect the item. The ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S sits on it’s home base where it charges until it’s told to clean. This robot vacuum can be purchased on Amazon or the ECOVACS website.