Dear Millennials

Dear Millennials,

Did you know you are almost single handedly carrying the real estate market? Your generation consumes the largest segment of buyers today (32%) and you're not stopping anytime soon, are you?  As the economy has improved and unemployment rates have significantly lowered over the past decade, the ball is in your court. Your buying power is immense and we now look to you to find new trends in the real estate industry. It's time you make that large investment you may have watched your family make time and time again, but this time around the experience is on your terms. What a great feeling, right? We want to help you make that dream a reality as your personal and professional life become stable. As a thank you for boosting our business, you deserve all eyes on your generation! So here it is.


You've picked your city and explored all there is to see, but living in the right neighborhood is the cherry on top for you. Many of you are fine staying in your suburb, but millennials are flocking to those suburban areas that are still remotely close to urban centers. The top priority for your generation is in the "things to do" category and it’s important you’re close to the local Whole Foods; or perhaps a coffee shop.

Environmental Factors

Energy efficient appliances are a must. You're not buying new or building, but finding the right pre-owned home for your needs with energy efficient options will always be more ideal. Being green means your location is in close proximity to your job or you can find a primary mode of transportation that likely isn't driving. This may be over-dramatic for some of your generation, but that's not to say you don't love riding your bike around urban areas. Saving gas means saving for home decor!


Social media is your expertise and makes you crave pleasing aesthetics more than most generations. You have a taste that has already been determined by the social media accounts you follow and the home you lived in growing up. Exploring those tastes and sharing them with your agent is first on your to-do list, but you're not ashamed. An updated kitchen and open floor plan- a millennial’s dream!


Being a millennial means doing 80% of the home buying process online. This also means that pictures matter to you and an image can make or break your perception of someone's home that you plan to call home. You pay attention to the agents who utilize technology to provide the best service for you and appreciate those agents whose social media accounts catch your eye. It's likely that you already follow popular agents in your area on one form of social media and if you don't now, you will when the time comes. Along with following agent’s accounts, you're all over the phone apps and resources that can be utilized to make decisions about your buying experience. 


If you’re going to do something you do it well. That means doing all the necessary research about anything and everything along your journey from your agent's expertise to the hottest neighborhoods in your city. Once that research is complete you trust your gut. Your agent knows best and you don't take their suggestions lightly because you trust the process. Chances are you won't stop obsessing over all your finds and somehow they will become neatly organized to show your agent. You appreciate being informed about each decision you make. This quality comes with taking your parents advice lightly once your research is already complete. You're basically an expert by then!


You, millennial, are a smart consumer. You do your research while utilizing technology to find the most environmentally friendly option for your needs with an emphasis on location and value for aesthetically pleasing layouts. Millennials are unapologetically unique and we don't see these values slipping away from you anytime soon!