The Fall Season Home Edit

Every individual homeowner has a different season they favor & unique festivities within each season they deem as tradition within their home. Making your home festive at the turn of a new season is essential in living through Ohio’s four seasons. Although we may not always appreciate the change in weather, the pumpkin patches will now fill up our weekends & football is in full swing. We’ve curated fall festive decor for every homeowner- lover of the season or not!


If there’s nothing you love more than a perfectly plump orange pumpkin resting on your porch, you’ll have a hay day with this edit! Place a few gourds in the center of the table with well lit candles & your centerpiece is set for the season.

Fall Chic

A cashmere blanket & hand painted golden pumpkins for all our chic homeowners who love to make their home glow all seasons of the year with a little sparkle. You may go a little overboard with your designs incorporating chandeliers & meticulously placed banners, but that’s your style- let it shine!


Unlike your classic counterparts, you pick out the white pumpkins at the patch & prefer sticking to leafy greenery than adding too much color into your decor displays. Opt for a bare vase to make a simple display that resonates with the rest of your home’s minimal decor.


Feathers, barley & used mason jars, oh my! This is for our antique shoppers who spend their free time putting together their own floral displays in anything but a vase. There’s nothing traditional about our average antique homeowner who favors fur over knitted blankets & rustic over polished design elements.

Which homeowner are you throughout the fall season? Let us know in the comments below!