Happy April 1st! The sun is out to play today and so are the jokers of the family. It’s their favorite day of the year- a day when their jokes are rewarded with laughs instead of glares. Your household items are the source of clever pranks the whole family will praise. We’re sharing the best we’ve found so you can be the prankster and not the victim of the pranks today.

TV Sensors

Play a joke on the remote hogger of the family by taping all the sensors on the end of remotes with the same color tape as the device. Watch as they get flustered with the inability of the TV to do what they say.

Turn it Up

There’s nothing more confusing -or frustrating- than coming home to an upside down house. Turn your family room photos upside down and watch the look on your family’s face when they realize what has happened.

Lamp Bugs

Cut out cockroach bug shapes with black paper and tape them inside a lamp in the house. All the fearful members of the house are sure to jump when they see a gigantic bug inside the lit lamp. What’s worse will be telling them they have to kill it!

Slippery Soap

After a long day at work, showering is a luxury for everyone in the house. Play a little prank on the first to shower by coating their soap with clear nail polish. Not only will it slip out of their hands, but the soap won’t lather leaving them confused. If you’re a pleasant housemate, have a bar of soap waiting for them when that time hits.

Airhorn Door

Nothing will surprise the house more than a loud airhorn sound. Plant one behind a main door in the house secured with duct tape so when it opens, the noise rings through the house alarming everyone to beware of when the next prank will come.

Kitchen Water Hose

Spray the clever jokes off the competition by rubber banding the kitchen sink hose. The first to turn on the kitchen sink are set up for a wet surprise.

The key to any joke or prank is to make sure you’re there to witness the frustration followed by the belly laugh that April 1st brings. Have a happy April Fools holiday and don’t forget to give the victim of your pranks a big hug when it’s all over. Happy pranking!