April Showers Bring May Flowers

It’s a common notion that Spring showers bring the prettiest of the May flowers you have planted in your yard. Landscaping is a big project to take on whether it means digging up and replanting or simply creating new flower beds. We dug up some of the best flower concepts to plant in your flower beds this May.

redo 1.jpg

Rock Beds

Plant a plethora of your favorite floral colors surrounding the base of a tree and add this cool rock bed to make it look polished.

redo 2.jpg

Tree Stump

Find a new purpose for an old tree stump that was leftover from last Spring's wood chopping.

flowers 3.jpg

Tile Beds

Put a modern twist on your favorite flowers by complementing them with aesthetically pleasing tiles to highlight their hue.

flowers 4.jpg

Raised Brick Beds

Add style to your yard by showing off your building skills and mastering this leveled flower bed.

flowers 5.jpg

Clay Pot Flower Bed

Get creative with your clay pots moving them from above ground to under ground. Surround your favorite tulips with rocks and the squirrels will be utterly confused on their next visit.

flowers 6.jpg

Vintage Suitcase

Flowers in a vintage suitcase is for the more artistic landscaper wanting to show off their creativity to all the neighbors.

flowers 7.jpg

Birch Log Flower Bed

Birchwood is the perfect alternative to stone beds and it’s sure to bring a unique charm into your yard.

Happy planting!