Porch Trends

Who is ready for porch season!? Nothing compares to sitting outside on your porch every morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the other. It’s time we move the outdoor furniture back outside and give all the barren outdoor living spaces a spring refresh. Spice up your morning cup of joe with these aesthetically pleasing porch trends.

Bold Faced Neutral

Neutral earth tones are a popular choice amongst porch cushions, but their bold counterparts will give your porch the extra kick it needs. Pair earth tone seating with colorful accent pillows from bright yellow to electric blue.

Unconventional Seating

Pick your poison between keeping it conventional and shaking your furniture up to be more unconventional. This year, we’re choosing unconventional when it comes to outdoor seating. A nice hanging chair or day bed would pair well with your morning coffee.

Planters with a Twist

The most affordable way to turn the neighbors heads is pretty common by today’s standards- flowers. Buy new flower arrangements and planters. This year, replace your tulip planters with chic succulents to give the space a slightly different feel.

Mix & Match Materials

It’s a simple concept, but one that’s easily overlooked. Whoever said silver and gold don’t go together also probably never thought of mixing a wicker chair with metal accents and a cast iron table. Try out your own hand in mixing and matching the materials within your outdoor furniture.

Whether you try one of these trends or all of them, give your porch the aesthetic update it needs just in time for beautiful spring weather. Your morning cup of joe has never looked this good!