Outdoor Celebrations

Graduation season is approaching and whether you have plenty of celebrations to attend or you’re hosting one for your own graduate, the home’s appearance matters. From the table decor to the outdoor chairs, it all contributes to the bigger picture of whether or not guests are given a positive impression about your home. We’re giving you all the tips and tricks you need to make your home shine during this month’s outdoor celebrations.

Setting up lighting

Outdoor lighting has a happy medium that must be achieved during any gathering. Too bright? Guests will make their way inside. Too dim? No one will be able to see who they’re talking to.

Consult friends

A gathering is not functional without the help of friends who are your sidekick when getting everything ready and monitoring the celebration. From helping with food to making sure everyone is comfortable, consulting with your friends is essential.

Seating layout

When choosing the seating options for guests, it’s important to have multiple separated gathering spaces for groups to enjoy themselves.

Choosing the Appropriate Music

The ambiance of your event is critical to keeping the celebration going. Choosing favorites of the crowd’s generation is sure to score you extra points!

Food for all Appetites

Choosing food for your celebration that caters to all eating preferences is a necessity. Make sure you know a majority of your guest preferences before over spending on food and desserts no one will eat.

Keep the Bugs Away

It’s as simple as lighting a candle to keep bugs out of guests way while they socialize outside your home. It’s wise to keep bug spray handy in case they’re especially bad on the night of the occasion.

Hosting your next outdoor event just got easier! Utilize these tips and let us know how they work out this graduation season.