New Location: Gordon Square

We’re growing (again)! With over 30 offices in Ohio & Northern Kentucky, we are constantly looking to expand our business. Early this month we welcomed agents into our new Gordon Square location in Cleveland. This location bridges the East and West ends in the heart of Cleveland’s Arts District.

The months of planning and building commenced as we hosted our grand opening celebration May 29. The celebration featured a DJ, plenty of great sponsors to go around, valet parking for our guests and over 100 people who filled the office space with positive energy. The crowd was a nice balance of industry partners, sponsors, network agents, real estate friends in the area and our surrounding neighbors. We cannot thank enough all of those in attendance for making the opening of this office space a successful celebration. Take a look at how the Gordon Square space came to fruition from the very beginning.

With a collaborative concept in mind, many parties were involved in pulling this office space together. The inspiration for this project’s framework was Google’s successful office model. We wanted to create a healthy balance of working hard and having fun while doing it by incorporating several open gathering areas. With a strong sense of community surrounding this office space, we wanted to focus on bringing people together rather than secluding. Designer Anne King from Borrow Curated did just this with an open floor plan and plenty of lounge areas to unwind and collaborate.

Anne also constructed a playful space for those private conversations that aren’t for all ears to hear in the office. The entire office space is open for the surrounding community to utilize for events and meetings per request to lead agent, Allie Carr.

Having these collaborative zones within our office just creates a social atmosphere, which I think is a very positive attribute.
— Allie Carr

The configuration of this office space was not always smooth sailing as our team will admit. Although finding the space came easy with mutual parties involved, the build out of the space took a lot longer than anticipated. It only took a matter of weeks before we signed the lease and the building was officially ours to renovate. Being a very old building with several charming characteristics, there were many unforeseen issues that we handled throughout this process. Anne produced a vibrant space full of life amidst these troubles and we could not thank her enough for the work she has done to make this place look brand new!

The building is situated within the Gordon Square Arts District which is rich in history itself. Located on the near West side of Cleveland near Lake Erie, this area experienced industrial decline and many warehouses and factories fell into disrepair. The Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization helped preserve many of the neighborhood's historic buildings and over 1,000 new condos and apartments have been built in the past decade as Clevelanders are returning to the neighborhood. Various artistic nonprofits and the DSCDO have collaborated in creating vibrant public spaces resulting in widespread attraction to the area. There is a new energy in the neighborhood through murals and public art installations.  

We are proud to be a part of this revitalized neighborhood on the near West side with flourishing arts and a growing culture that is both inclusive and collaborative. Thanks again to all those who made the opening of this office successful and helped us celebrate yet another opportunity for growth within the Cleveland market.