The Agent Behind The 1697 Farmhouse

Catherine Haller is an agent from Akron, Ohio with over 13 years of experience selling real estate. Little did she know that this season of selling would be different than most after she listed a property that is over a century older than America. Her listing has gained widespread attention since the day it hit the market, but this attention has quickly spread from local to national landing a spot in the New York Post. I spoke with Catherine just a day after her listing went viral online to get the inside scoop on how this gorgeous farmhouse came to fruition and where she lies in this whole equation. Meet the agent behind the 1697 farmhouse.

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Catherine has built her business in West Akron over the years with a portfolio that includes historic properties. Her appreciation for these vintage homes led her to 2244 Remsen Road where the property’s homeowners interviewed her amongst top agents in the area. From the moment she secured the listing, her goal has been to capture the charm, character and history of this house on a completely different level.

The home belongs to the parents of three children who are now selling the property. Catherine has handled the listing with care while striving to carry on the parent’s legacy of maintaining the home’s original state.

While choosing to market the home with drone imagery to capture the essence of the property was a no brainer, pricing a property that contains many unique elements was not as simple. The charm and history of this farmhouse is not easily comparable to any other home, but Catherine has past experience representing another significant, vintage property in the area. She used a very research driven pricing approach rather than simply creating an automated valuation and estimate as some market agents succumb to. After taking into consideration the home’s 13 acres of property and the originality of it’s interior, the home is priced at $525,000.

When it comes to pricing the home, this is the type of property to be appreciated and purchased by someone who is not going to care about a price per square foot analysis. It would be someone who appreciates the uniqueness of this home.
— Catherine

The most important element of the home is it’s incredible authenticity staying true to the basic fundamentals of a home built during that time period. It’s rare to find an older home that hasn’t been glossed over with stainless steel and granite counters. While the necessary updates have been made to catch up with modern household necessities, the homeowners have preserved this home in an unbelievable manner.

My jaw hit the floor when I walked in for the first time. You really feel like you’re stepping back into that time and era in history. I’m not surprised that people are as impacted by it as I have been, but it is up to the next homeowner to carry on its legacy by lovingly maintaining it.
— Catherine

The home has gotten many looks from developers and builders due to its attractive acreage, but it also has gotten a lot of attention from those who are curious about its history. Catherine and her team agents are doing their best to speak with those who seem genuinely interested in buying the property at this time as no amount of pictures or verbal descriptions can do this beauty justice.

A Note From Catherine:

This property and family deserve the kind of exposure they’ve received. I feel a certain calling or responsibility to honor them by providing an unprecedented selling experience. As a Realtor, we try to educate and help our clients make these major decisions, yet there is so much emotion involved in the process. I’ve always said “never fall in love with a piece of real estate”, but it’s difficult with a property like this one.

I think Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty has such far reaching platforms that we are able to create so much synergy for a property that keeps the exposure growing exponentially. I am honored to have been selected by this family to list a truly stunning piece of history in Medina, Ohio.