Regional Manager: Ty Davidson

Join us in congratulating Ty Davidson as the newest addition to our management team!

Ty Davidson will assume the role of Regional Manager out of our Beavercreek office effective July 1. Ty has been in the industry for 15 years and joined our brokerage shortly after we hit the ground running. We brought Ty over during a time when we needed strong agents to help grow the company and he has delivered ever since. Ty is a recipient of our brokerage’s Expertise Core Value award and he was named to the President’s Circle in 2019. He has served as our Director of Property Management for the past three years overseeing all markets from our Beavercreek location.

Ty brings with him decades of experience in real estate, leadership, and problem-solving. He is the ideal candidate to assume the helm of one of our largest offices and a foundation of our Dayton footprint.
— Managing Partner, David Mussari

As a retired sheriff, real estate has become Ty’s second life professionally. His strong background in construction and knowledge of the industry made his transition smooth from one profession to another. His expertise in the area and strong leadership skills made him an excellent candidate to guide our agents and grow the Beavercreek office. He served the Dayton market during the 2008 crash and he is now entering this new position during a time when real estate is riding the high wave.

See what those who have worked with Ty have to say about his industry knowledge:

Take a look at what Ty has to say about his plans for assuming his new role as Regional Manager:

What excites you most about taking over this new role?

“I’m excited to step in and take over a fantastic office with great agents and continue building the foundation that David, Kelly and Julee have left behind.

What does success mean to you in this role?

“I think success comes both individually and collectively as a business. To me, a successful office is one that has many activities. I want to retain our title as the #1 brokerage in Green County and finish the year off strong to maintain that place in the market. I’m looking to grow the office by adding quality agents and generating more revenue.'“

What strengths will you bring to this role to become successful?

“My strongest suit is my ability to overcome obstacles and to communicate with both sides effectively. I plan to use this strength in resolving any challenges that may come my way.”

Ty’s eagerness to get started in this position is a strong testament to his dedication to our brokerage. We could not be more excited to watch him grow the office and do what he does best- lead. Well deserved, Ty!