15 Home Trends

We took our camera along to the Columbus Parade of Homes 2019 & shot the most capture-worthy trends featured throughout the 13 newly built homes. This event in Columbus, Ohio, features developers & designers in the area who are tastemakers in the industry, setting the trends for those who choose to follow. One small detail can inspire some of a greatest spaces in your home. All the way from beautiful outdoor entertainment down to unique wood details, inspiration was surely everywhere. There were many aspects that all these homes shared in common and other smaller ideas throughout that were unique during the tours. We’ve broken them down into 15 micro and macro trends that we discovered as developers & designers create new ways of building homeowner’s dream homes.


Large Front Porches

Let’s start with the most important aspect of getting buyers in the door: the curb appeal. It was apparent that large wrap around porches can be modernized with the right outdoor furniture situated within the space. The small entryway look has been replaced by gorgeous wooded porches surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

Unique Lighting Fixtures

Unique lighting with an open floor plan was consistent in every home. We saw it all from boho beaded chandeliers to gleaming abstract lamps. The kitchens & family rooms were especially full of unique fixtures highlighting the style of each respective home.


The smallest details down to color mattered in every home. The most common color trend we found was white! It was no surprise that white woodwork has become a modern home’s DNA, but these homes elevated white to the next level. We found it being used in a lot of tile back splashes in the kitchen & on the walls surrounding statement colors & plenty of greenery. Simply put, designers are suggesting that homeowners move away from painting a room all one color without a pop of white.

Immaculate Outdoor Entertainment

Continuing through the homes and out to the backyard space, we were especially impressed. Seating was plentiful in every display & outdoor ceiling fans were essential to beating the summer heat while gazing at the large TVs mounted above the bar.

Beautiful Statement Walls

The landing space between levels often featured a statement wall paired with awesome lighting to complement the homes’ innovative spirit. However, we found statement walls in every room whether designers applied decorative, temporary wallpaper or a solid color of paint to accent the space.

Clawfoot Tubs

The upstairs bathrooms were nothing short of luxury. Our favorite come back has been the clawfoot tub embellished with functional decor like soap trays. Many of the tubs offered quaint outdoor views & made a big splash in contributing to a home’s elegance.

The Walk-In Shower

The walk-in shower reined supreme in bathrooms while often offering multiple shower heads for efficient mornings before rushing out of the front door. Their beauty was highlighted with tile designs & patterns that made each bathroom refreshing in it’s own way.

Lots & Lots of Raw Wood

Positioned throughout the homes was a major trend we were not expecting: raw wood. We’re talking a thick slab of wood sanded down to function as mantles & huge sliding doors. The look of the wood was as authentic as a tree you see in your backyard. It was often layered on walls to serve as a beautiful statement that added texture in basements and family rooms.

Unique Spaces

Our final macro trend was the unique spaces created for functionality in homes. Our favorite spaces were the playrooms for little ones to express themselves & the dog rooms created off of the garage perfect for wiping those paws down quickly. We even found a small nook underneath a staircase that was inspired by Harry Potter!


Statement Appliances

A smaller trend we found was the evolution of the statement appliance. Our favorite statement piece was placed in the laundry room providing a pop of navy against the white colored walls.

Patterned Tiles

Another way the designers incorporated color into these white spaces was by using patterned tiles in the kitchen & bathrooms. All shapes & sizes were highlighted throughout homes offering rooms enough texture to stand out against the white walls.

Window Walls

Walls were not only painted strategically, but they were thought out brilliantly with large windows that opened up spaces on the first floor. A wall of windows was not uncommon during these tours. The most functional example we found was an entire wall of paneled windows that opened up into a cozy, covered space outdoor.

Carmel Leather

Carmel colored leather has made it’s return! There were many western inspired rooms with this color leather, but even the throw pillows in family rooms were a beautiful brown hue with a faux leather texture.

Indoor Greenery

Greenery was not sparing in these homes. A majority of it faux, it complemented the white walls perfectly giving homes a little flare to stand out from the rest.

Fur & Velvet

A usually feminine feature of decor, fur & velvet were everywhere within small design details. A lot of the time we found it on the bed or covering beautiful furniture pieces that served as a staple in the room.

If you have the chance to check out these gorgeous homes in Columbus, Ohio, take full-advantage. Let us know what trends have sparked inspiration for a space in your own home!