RECAP: Sherri Johnson &

It has been a beautiful Wednesday morning inside The Hilton at Easton Town Center. What’s even better than a great view and complementary breakfast? Hearing from Sherri Johnson at The Secrets of Top Selling Agents event sponsored by! We’ve been anticipating this event for weeks to learn more about how agents can build their business to its full potential. It has finally come and we are providing an exclusive look into the highlights of Sherri’s secrets for those who were not able to attend.

Her small stature and mighty personality delivered in a room full of agents eager to learn. The session began with a continental breakfast and networking with agents from across the Ohio area. BHHS Professional Realty agents came in full force representing from the Columbus and Cleveland markets. Sherri began her career in Cleveland where she was a top selling agent from the moment she started. With a car payment and extreme shopping habits on her mind, she sold four houses in her first month of doing business. If that’s not enough to speak on her credibility, I’m not sure what is!

The event began with a brief introduction from representatives who were stationed around the room. Following a brief Facebook Live session, the event it was off to the races and Sherri took the floor. She provided a wealth of knowledge from the very beginning delivering not only strategic real estate secrets, but secrets to building your business personally. Here are just a few of the highlights Sherri offered about being a real estate agent and owning it.

You are as good as what you say you are

You are the only person doubting yourself when you tell yourself out loud that you’re not capable. Tell yourself instead that you ARE what you aim to become. Although Sherri didn’t see herself as a top agent when she began selling, a mentor told her otherwise. He advised that she just hadn’t been in the business long enough to know it yet.

It’s important to work ON your business & not always IN your business

Sherri quickly made a discrepancy between working on your business and in your business. By attending the event, these agents were working ON their business. Working on your business is just as important so you can continue to learn your craft and master it to your full potential. By working ON your business, Sherri says you’re being proactive instead of reactive. You’re in control and you’re looking to implement solid strategy to be the best agent you can be.

You decide what you want to do

You are in complete control of you destiny. Sherri reminded us that in order to achieve what you want to achieve, you have to make sacrifices to change and then implement your new behaviors. We are creatures of habit and it’s good to assess our habits often to determine if they’re assisting or preventing us from achieving our goals. In order to do this, you have to get out of your comfort zone!

Opportunities are not lost, they go to someone else

The horrifying truth is that missed opportunities have the ability to turn into someone else’s golden opportunity. Forgetting to return that one phone call from a potential buyer could mean losing business in an industry that is not so forgiving.

You can’t motivate a satisfied person

Being satisfied means you’re content with standing still. It’s not possible to move forward without igniting a fire of motivation beneath you that will push you toward your goals. Remain unsatisfied even in the height of your business and stay hungry to grow at all times. Tell yourself “I can and I’m going to”.

Success isn't measured by what you are doing compared to other people

Comparing yourself to others is never a good idea in any industry. Base your success instead on what you’re capable of doing. The word success has a different meaning to everyone. While you’re just as capable as the person sitting next to you, focus on your own growth rather than comparing your meaning of success with theirs.

Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable

Sherri stressed that “every great coach has a coach”. Even the best in the industry need someone who not only supports them, but holds them accountable. While praise is nice after a big transaction, who is that person that will push you by asking what new business you have coming down the pipeline? She took us back to thinking about that high school sports coach that we absolutely hated, but in the end we loved the results they pushed out of us. Find that person in your life instead of relying on yourself for accountability.

Among all of this motivational advice, Sherri’s session was eye opening and helped rejuvenate agent’s drive to build their business. She provided comedic relief telling agents that their phone actually does make outgoing calls and it’s time to utilize that tool! The last piece of Sherri’s advice that we’ll leave you with is: “You’re only as good as your last sale”.

Thank you to Sherri and for sponsoring this event to help Ohio agents grow in today’s booming real estate market.