Quality Air at Home

The summer months are not letting up & while we turn the page to August, the heat is bound to intensify. With extreme heat comes extreme air quality alerts shooting across our phone screens. While air quality alerts tell you to stay indoors, do you know just how clean the air inside your home is? Breathing in contaminated air inside the home is linked to several long-term health issues that are avoidable by taking the correct measures. There are many tips & tricks to follow in order to breathe in more pure air while beating the heat staying inside your home.

Clean Air Vents & Conditioners

Along with installing ventilation systems, you must maintain the quality of the systems controlling the air in your house. Air conditioners need cleaned just as much as other appliances. It’s as easy as taking the filter out of your air conditioner and giving it a good wipe down with the sweeper.

Radon Levels Should be Checked

If you’ve moved into a new home or even an older home, it’s imperative that you get radon levels tested. This gas can be cancerous, but you typically can’t smell it. It originates from soil and creeps into the cracks of the foundation of the home slowly decreasing air quality levels.

Keep Moisture Out

Keeping moisture out of the air will prevent mold from forming in places like bathrooms and basements. Invest in a dehumidifier to run in these areas so you don’t have to spend hundreds on removing toxic mold down the road. This also helps to control allergies caused from moisture in the air when the temperature gets warmer.

Interior Design Matters

Toxins can be hidden in the glue holding your furniture together or paints used to renovate rooms. The slow release can cause poor air quality over time so try to choose all natural renovation methods when possible.

Clean with Clean Products

The air can also become muddied when cleaning products are sprayed and release chemicals. These toxic particles can be avoided by shopping for all natural cleaning products that can ensure your family is safe when wandering around your house.

Although you may not always see or smell poor air quality, it could be present in your home. Take the necessary steps to maintain great health while living comfortably in a house you can call home.