Utilizing Small Space

Not every home is built with the intention of fulfilling all your needs or wants. Some are left without an extra room for an office & others have many small rooms that make maneuvering around overwhelming. It takes a special homeowner to turn their small space into one that is both functional & aesthetically pleasing enough to bring friends & family over. Make the most out of your small spaces by first getting inspired by our many solutions. Every piece in your home counts!

Utilize Vertical Space

Part of creating more space is thinking upwards instead of outwards. By building upwards, you leave more space on the floor for items that may not be as necessary. This means placing drapery very high to make the room look bigger & mounting lights on the walls to save space on your night stand. Walls are your friend when you have limited space & a lot of “stuff”.

Furniture With Storage

It’s becoming more common to find furniture with built in storage to save space. If you live in a small room without a bed that has drawers underneath, you might reconsider. Another unique trick in the common spaces of your home is to turn your stairways into bookshelves or drawers along the wall. This gives them a unique look & multiple purposes.

Think Multi Purpose

If there’s not enough space to include a family room, office and living room in your home, try to make a concept room out of all three. The trick is to decide the most necessary items that would be included in all rooms and combine them by placing them in one organized room creating zones for each space. You can also create a really great multi purpose space by creating a small wall separating each “zone” within the room.

It’s time to get unique with the space you have & turn a small opportunity into a big possibility keeping these reminders in the back of your head. Share with us how you’ve turned your small space into a functional oasis!