3 Reasons Your Home Won't Sell

Putting your home on the market is not a simple decision. It comes with factoring in complex variables that have to add up in order to follow through. How many times did you as a buyer walk through a home that had multiple factors that turned you off immediately? Perhaps you walked through the door to find outdated tile covering the entryway floor or immaculate wallpaper that overwhelmed your eyes. As a homeowner, it’s easy to look past small flaws that change buyer’s perception of the house you were proud to all home for many years. What’s appealing to you is not always as appealing to others, so our best advice: keep it neutral. Here are 3 factors you might not think of that will prevent your home from selling quickly.


A huge turn off for buyers is walking in to find outdated, green or red carpet covering a beautifully decorated home. That fresh coat of paint you just put on can be out shined by hideous carpet choice in an instant. No matter how appealing the aesthetic of the room, carpet is a big concern and sticks out like a sore thumb. It has the potential to completely make or break a room. The reason buyers may gasp is due to the cost of replacing the carpet and the time they will have to spend getting it redone after moving in. If you’re months out from thinking about selling, get the job done so your house has the potential to leave the market with multiple offers.


What’s worse than walking into a home with bright carpet or bright walls is smelling must coming from mold in the home. Mold is not only displeasing, but it is a health concern that you will have to deal with once offers start flooding in. It always has the power to completely turn away buyers from even putting an offer in knowing the problem would need taken care of right away. That said, it’s better to fix the issue and provide a solution before that time comes. Once the mold is fixed, purchasing a dehumidifier shows that as a homeowner, you’re taking every precaution to keep the home in pristine shape.

Pet Smells

We all become somewhat immune to sweeping up dog or cat hair multiple times a week and cleaning out litter boxes. However, we also become immune to the smell of our pets. It’s easy to look past that lingering smell of a room when it houses a cat’s litter box or to clean up the backyard to free buyers from walking through an unpleasant smell. Try to deodorize your home frequently in the time frame that you’re allowing buyers to walk through. It’s also not to go unsaid that keeping pets in cages while buyers walk through is very distracting. Try your very best to be considerate that not all homeowners enjoy having pets around or even worse, buying a house that smells like them.

The best source of advice throughout this process is always your real estate agent. It is the agent who will tell you the honest truth about what needs to be fixed before it hits the market and it’s up to you whether you take that advice or not.