Hosting College Game Day

It’s the time of year when alumni are out to play cheering on their football team & bandwagon fans choose which college team they’ll root for this season. College game day is officially underway as teams match up with non-conference teams to practice new plays & run new routes. The midwest power house, The Ohio State University, doesn’t take game days lightly- at all. From being physically present at the game to watching on the big screen at home, it’s essential that fans have their OSU gear on every Saturday from here on out. If you’re hosting, check out how you can one-up your neighbors throwing their own celebrations. We’re not much of party planners, but we do know a thing or two about utilizing a home to entertain!

Game day attire & props

You’re not a true OSU Football fan if you’re not decked out in the proper attire: a Buckeye jersey & a Buckeye necklace. Give your home a nice pop with OSU decor around the tables & in your entryway. To top off your home’s OSU outfit, throw a nice big flag out on the front porch to hang over guests as they enter the lively atmosphere you’ve created.

Outdoor setup

Football season brings back fond memories of the Fall season from bonfires to blankets that cover your lap from the chill that comes with cheering for your team outdoors. An outdoor setup is key to entertaining guests and utilizing all parts of the home- even the back porch. Find a way to get your TV outside or even in the garage so those fans who prefer to watch alone can get into their corner & prepare for kickoff.

Big screens all around

A big screen is essential for hosting guests on game day. A great way to complete your outdoor setup is to buy a projector to project the game as the sun goes down. There’s not a bad spot to watch when your screen is big enough to see from all sides of the porch. It doesn’t hurt to move TVs into different parts of the first level of your home- perhaps a smaller one in the kitchen & one in a bonus room.

Unique food options

Who watches football without tailgating food? There are plenty of ways to spice up your kitchen with creative food ideas for football tailgates. Here are some fun ways to incorporate food into your display while pleasing everyone’s taste buds:

Chant for your team

As kickoff commences, the cheering begins as well! Place cards around your home with entertaining cheers for your guests to get into. From kickoff cheers to touchdown cheers, this brings a lighthearted atmosphere to your party with little work from the host and/or hostess.

Keep your pets indoors

If the party is outdoors, find a way to keep your pets away so guests can enjoy their mini corndogs without fear of the house dog snatching one up off of their plate. Guests want to enjoy themselves & be mindless when coming over for college game day, but if they insist on petting your pup while they watch- they can play babysitter for the night. Putting animals away ensures you can do your host duties without being stressed about the status of whether they’re in the house or drinking someone’s beer out of a solo cup.

Surround sound system

So some fans prefer to yell over listening to the announcers speak play-by-play. But when it comes to knowing what’s going on in the game or what type of injury a player sustained, a quality sound system is imperative. Getting a sound system beyond just your TV remote will help all your guests hear what they are watching on the screen.

Kickoff the season in-style with friends & family around the big screen in your home. Don’t forget these essentials & GO BUCKS!