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It all started when…

One of our new agents out of the Lima office, Debbie Lane, started her career early as a licensed 23-year-old agent. Her journey began when she fell in love with buying her first home. Her job allowed her to work part-time from home in 1989 as she began her career. Business took off and grew at rapid pace for the next 29 years. She became full-time and in 2017 she transitioned to BHHS Professional Realty in Lima, Ohio which was a significant career milestone that brought multiple new agents to our brokerage. Her excitement about being with BHHS Professional Realty comes with several new challenges as she embraces all we have to offer. Her main motivator to join the brokerage this past year was due to her new knowledge of all the unparalleled resources we had to offer that she was not previously aware of. “The support team locally and statewide has been incredible,” she said. Debbie has been at the pinnacle of Ohio Association of Realtors (OAR) for many years in a row. Her career has come full circle with her baby boy all grown up buying his first home in Texas. Debbie recently built a home marking this a year of big moves for her both personally and professionally.

Professional Q&A

Why Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty?

I was immediately impressed with David Mussari’s ability to be very laid back and comforting. He never pushes and I was impressed with his initial presentation. I decided this brokerage was a really good fit for me coming from a place I had known for the last 29 years of my career. I felt relieved as if this brokerage took away outside pressure and because of that I am more focused on my clients. After 29 years I decided I needed a change and I am confident this brokerage was the right move to make. BHHS Professional Realty has everything available. I love that about the company.


What sets you apart from other agents?

I work a lot but I love it! I have top notch negotiating skills and because of that I don’t put together a deal just to lose it in the end. I have a very good track record of keeping deals together by staying on top of things and always communicating effectively.


How do you maintain work-life balance?

I don’t. My way of balancing usually means doing something that ends up going hand in hand with this business. I enjoy staging homes which comes with my passion for designing. I even designed my own home. I collect a lot of art and travel all over the world. I truly believe that art is the soul of the house and so my house is my diary. I try to also help people achieve that in their home which helps bring them the highest dollar. This part of my job is an outlet that I enjoy incorporating into my real estate skill set.


How do you stay self-motivated?

The reward of seeing people get into their home keeps me motivated. This is one of client’s largest investments in their lifetime and my son is in the process right now. Helping people find their next home is enough motivation. I find this motivation as an investor, developer and rental property owner. I see the benefits of real estate and it’s important.


What advice do you have for homebuyers in their search for the perfect home?

Always look for a full-time agent who you feel in some way connected. Pick the agent based on your personality to fit your needs best.


Describe a unique interaction with a client, a successful home buying experience or any other interesting stories you have to share.

I met a young physician and school teacher who came to me through the hospitals. They were moving back home and they couldn’t find anything. The couple’s wedding date was at the end of June and time was of the essence. After searching for a home with little success, they decided to rent. It was 30 days before their wedding that they committed to a rental property and they planned to move that week before the wedding. I knew they had a lot on their plate seeing as they were relocating and beginning new adventures together. There was just a lot going on.


A house had come on the market that sold three different times. I knew I shouldn’t call them because it was so close to their wedding date, but the house was perfect for them. They looked at the house and fell in love. The couple closed on the home the 29th of June and bought it June 30. They got married and are coming back from their honeymoon to this beautiful home that they fell in love with. Stories like that are the ones you want to tell about every deal. They were so happy I made the decision to call them and I am so excited for them to come back to their new home.


Personal Q&A

What is one thing people might not know about you?

People probably don’t know about my love of art and design. It has always been a true passion. My father is an artist and he taught us at a very young age the appreciation of original art. There was art on every wall in our house. Every year our parents would buy a piece specific to our age and interest at that time. I now have a gallery wall in my new home that displays my art given to me and through my travels I’ve collected over the years. The art in my house is definitely the soul of my home. My diary plastered on the walls. It gives me comfort and peace. 

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would learn to speak another language; preferably French.


Your favorite restaurant in Lima?

The Met


What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Motivated, determined, and persistent


What is your favorite space in your own home?

My sitting room off the bedroom that overlooks a beautiful pond


What is your favorite way to spend your weekend?

I like to spend my weekends away at my second home in Naples Florida


What’s your ideal vacation spot?

I enjoy being anywhere on a boat in the Caribbean


You cannot go a day without ______?



What is your greatest accomplishment?

A successful 29 years in real estate


What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

I plan to learn more about the brokerage’s resources that I can now offer clients and to continue pushing forward around that big learning curve.


Are you involved in any outside organizations?

I am a member of the Women’s Naples Club and Art Space Lima