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It all started when…

Columbus born and raised, Luke Bauman’s creative endeavors have taken him from marketing expert to educator at the Learning Spectrum School of Autism Programs & Therapies. Luke holds Degrees in Theology from both Liberty and Ohio Dominican, but he moved on to become a graphic designer for a firm in Columbus. After two years at Element Design Group, Luke got a call to fill a behavior management job. With no prior background in education, he went through the training process and ended up sticking with it. Luke worked in the Gahanna School District for 10 years in behavioral support and intervention roles. He has since moved on to a private school in Columbus called The Learning Spectrum. Luke currently works as the Family of Schools’ Director of Marketing and Business Development. He has been tasked with re-branding the schools through a social media campaign. Luke is still directing the marketing efforts of the school while pursuing a career in real estate as of this past July. His eagerness to break into the business lead him to complete his real estate courses over the span of four weeks this summer. After receiving his license, he began his search for the brokerage that best suited him. Luke met with Regional Director, Rob Matney, and the rest is history. He found his place at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty working in the Gahanna office. Luke’s extensive marketing background provides clients with unparalleled services and access to professional marketing materials.


Luke’s change in profession comes at a time of transition for his family as well as they are expecting their fourth daughter. The values he holds for his family have influenced him to provide for his three (now four) daughters. The Bauman family currently resides in New Albany and his wife is the physical education teacher at High Point Elementary. The connections he has made in Gahanna, New Albany and his hometown of Johnstown will support him in his real estate endeavors to help kickstart a long and successful career as he learns the ropes of his new profession.

Professional Q&A

Why Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty?

“The biggest reason I chose this brokerage is due to my marketing background. BHHS Professional Realty stood out from all other brokerages in their marketing. When potential clients see the BHHS signs and colors they know right away to correlate our brokerage with a high standard of professionalism and expertise.”


What sets you apart from other agents?

“Agents come into the profession at different times. However, having the lengthy experience I have building campaigns for clients in the marketing field sets me apart from other agents. The campaigns I have created in marketing bring along transferable skills to clients looking to sell their home. I have a way of making presentable materials to draw people in that may have otherwise not been a listing or scrolled past.”


How do you maintain work-life balance being a realtor while still being available to your clients?

“I’m a very family oriented man and a lot of my schedule revolves around them. I stay organized in my phone and know exactly when and where I need to be. It takes a lot of coordinating with my wife when things get hectic and I work from home a lot. In other works, I’m always on my phone, but I’m always available to my family.”


How do you stay self-motivated as a Realtor?

“My biggest motivation is to provide for my family. I know there’s that bottom line of what I need to do and there’s no greater motivation than working towards that for them.”


What advice do you have for homebuyers in their search for the perfect home?

“It’s important to know exactly what you want. Things go quickly in this market and if you’re questioning what you want that ideal house you finally find might be gone by the time you get to go look at it. You should also be aware of the means it will take to get that home you’re searching for.”


Describe a unique interaction with a client, a successful home buying experience or any other interesting stories you have to share.

I’m still working toward selling my first home, but my first two buyers had “out of the box” situations. One involved moving from a land contract to an outright purchase of the property and the other was looking for land to put their “tiny house” on. Because both of those situations are unique and different, it helped me. It forced me to think on my toes to provide solutions for them. I learned during the process by researching zoning, building regulations, contracts and titles.”


Personal Q&A

What is one thing people might not know about you?

I’m a musician of 20 years. I’ve played in bands all over Columbus as well as California, England and Mexico. I play bass guitar, piano and basically any string instrument I can get my hands on.


If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would learn how to scuba dive without freaking out. I’m terrified of sharks!


Your favorite restaurant in Columbus?



What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Motivated, driven and loyal

What is your favorite space in your own home?

My living room


What is your favorite way to spend your weekend?

I love to shop with my wife on the weekends!

What’s your ideal vacation spot?

Charleston, South Carolina


You cannot go a day without ______?

My wife


What is your greatest accomplishment?

Being a father


What are your plans for the rest of 2018?

My goal is to sell as many houses as possible in my first year


Are you involved in any outside organizations?

I’m the chair for the Golf4Autism Foundation that raises money for students with autism