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It all started when...

Rick Furmage is a real estate veteran in the Ashtabula, Ohio market. Rick received his license at the young age of 23 years old, but he will tell you now that he’s not a day older than 23. He got his start as a sales representative for a print magazine, The Ashtabula Star Beacon, selling to real estate offices. The brokers were impressed with Rick’s ability to sell the magazine so they suggested he look into real estate as a career. Rick began at a small, private brokerage where he received in-depth training to learn the business. From there he moved brokerages and eventually David Mussari was “stuck with him” for the remainder of his career. Rick’s real estate career was established in the Ashtabula area and he has grown his large network of connections ever since. His knowledge of the housing market in Ashtabula has benefited his ability to find clients the home they're looking for. He lived in Huber Heights momentarily where he ran a sporting goods store before being moved to Indianapolis. Rick is the “youngest grandparent on the planet” with three grandkids. He also has three children, one of which works alongside Rick in the Ashtabula office. Rick’s selflessness contributes to his agent’s notoriety. Although each agent is a part of the Rick Furmage team, he encourages them to put their individual names on listings. Rick was recently given high honors at the BHHS HomeServices National convention. The Rick Furmage team was recognized as #37 within the top 100 teams in the network. Rick’s witty jokes and quick thinking have made him:

The type of agent that you want to build a real estate brokerage with

Professional Q&A

How did you become interested in real estate as a career?

“I got to know local brokers through my job selling magazines at a young age. Those friendships were valuable in giving me the extra push to get my license.”


Why Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty?

“The leadership of David and Kim is always looking to gain an advantage over the competition with technology and tools. I wouldn’t want to give David a compliment because he would never give me one (haha) but I would never want to work in this business with anyone else. There’s that personal connection that he and Kim provide for me. I get everything I need right here.”


How do you maintain work life balance being a realtor while still being available to your clients?

“If I’m being completely honest, I struggle with that. Finding that balance is truly the biggest challenge for me because of my personality. I’m a people pleaser so I want to make as many people happy as I can and that sometimes means something else takes a back seat.”


How do you stay self-motivated being a realtor?

“I was brought up in a family of construction workers who went to work every day. I try to stay disciplined about being in the office every day by 8:30am.”


What is one thing you believe every house must have?

“Bathroom (haha) it’s a necessity, don’t you think?”


What advice do you have for homebuyers in their search for the perfect home?

“Partner up with an agent that is diligent about providing service and not interested in only selling of the home.”


Personal Q&A

Your favorite Ashtabula restaurant?

“Biscotti’s. It’s an Italian, family-owned restaurant and if you work with me you’ll most likely receive a gift card there at some point. I highly recommend their neapolitan chicken!


What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?

Rick says: “Short, fat and ugly”


Kim says: “Generous, kind, and humble... I would actually substitute extraordinary for humble, but Rick would be embarrassed.  He is one of the most knowledgeable agents I have ever met and he has amazingly good perspective and insight. Beyond that, he is generous with his time especially, helping charitable and community organizations even though that is beyond his job duties.  I tease him all the time that we want to clone him.”


What is your favorite way to spend your weekend?

“Sitting at Cleveland Indians game or outside at my lake house.”


Why Ashtabula?

My great grandparents got dropped off here and never left. It’s where I was born and raised so I have a long history of family in Ashtabula. The summers up here are great!


What is your favorite space in a home?



Your ideal vacation getaway spot?

Bora Bora


If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I’m working on self teaching myself to play the acoustic guitar


What is your greatest accomplishment?

I’ve raised three loving and very productive children


What are your plans/goals coming into the new year?

My business goal is to close 200 transactions this year. I missed the mark by 3 last year.

My personal goal is to enjoy my last year before I officially become an older person.


Are you involved in any outside organizations?

I’m a recent past president of the Conneaut Rotary Club in Ashtabula as well as my church.