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Kim Evinsky is a mother, leader, activist & real estate agent. Her dedication to taking care of her children & giving back the the world is just a small part of who she is. Kim has shared her life with her clients unfiltered and authentic. This month, we’re sharing her Vision Plan. While reflecting on this plan, she asked herself:

What motivates me to be a successful REALTOR®?

Here is a small glimpse into how she answered this question in all aspects of her life, both personal and professional. The first sign of knowing you’ve chosen a great REALTOR® is when they feel comfortable enough to share their personal stories & life adventures that have shaped them into the agent they are today and hope to become.


Family time & giving back to community is top priority.

This is a new start for me in a new country, with a wonderful husband, our blended family of 5 adult kids and a daughter in law. To be able to be available to spend time with my inner circle is key to happiness for me.


 As a REALTOR® I am able to be flexible with my time. Even at a moment’s notice, I am able to be with my kids who are thousands of miles apart. I love that I can work mobile, even from Canada! Amazing!

Giving back to my community and the world around me is also top on my list of living well. It is wonderful how this works out - I always get more from giving than getting! Now in my life I want to give my time and my focus in fighting for the Modern-Day Slaves of Human Trafficking. A year ago I came together with 3 other ladies from my church to develop a new ministry called Friends4Freedom. We have come alongside local ministries who already have traction in this area to help rescue and work with survivors of Human Trafficking. By having the flexibility of my time as a REALTOR I can arrange my schedule to respond to a victim of Human Trafficking and get them to safety and then Advocate for them. I also sell goods from Bolivia made by women who are now free from the sex trade. Very rewarding work.


Financial Goals

All 3 of my children have massive student debt. My oldest son is going into his final year of medicine at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Alberta. My middle son received his undergraduate degree from NYU and is gainfully employed on an H1-B visa with JP Morgan in NYC. My youngest, my girl has just been accepted into the Doctorate of Pharmacy program. This picture was taken on her interview day at University of Toronto where she will be attending this Fall for the next 4 years. 

I have always encouraged my kids to strive for excellence. I have never said we cannot afford it - only you shoot for the stars and we will figure it out!! Part of me becoming a REALTOR® is me figuring this out. I need an uncapped potential of income to help with this student debt! Yes, mom still needs to work!



In July of 2012 the unimaginable happened. My husband of 35 years and the father of my children died suddenly of Glioblastoma Brain Cancer. We knew for 8 days it may be cancer. There I was left alone to lead these 3 amazing yet wounded children. How I moved forward, grieved, made mistakes, recovered and kept moving was leading. I knew they were watching me. Learning from me.

The first Christmas without their dad I took my children to Swaziland, Africa. We spent Christmas morning feeding and caring for Orphans in a baby home that my cousin had co-founded with her husband. This was healing by giving back.

Leadership comes in many ways. Today my leadership is showing my kids I can be successful in my career and you are never to old to keep learning! Going back to school to study to become a REALTOR® in a new country was a real challenge for me but I did it! My kids were watching. Now is time to discipline myself to set and achieve goals as a REALTOR®. I want to make my kids proud of their momma!


Travel, Health & Wellness

I am so excited to explore this beautiful country that I am now a citizen of! My husband and I have a goal to visit and hike all of the National Parks! Staying healthy so I can hike and enjoy is important. Being able to travel to all the places we want to visit also takes money. I love the I can control my income with my effort. My hard work will pay off! I just need to keep filling the pipeline and making the calls. The good news is I love what I am doing! My design background coupled with my sales background is perfect for this industry. I truly enjoy building relationships and working with people to either find them the perfect space to call home or to sell a home when it is time to move on. Being a REALTOR® at this time in my life is a great opportunity to fulfil my Vision of living life well.


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