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It all started when…

Stacey McVey and Kevin Davey’s common passion for efficiency and streamlining workflow ignited the flame that is now the CLEliving team. CLEliving is a team of eight agents and a coordinator who serve a large portion of the Cleveland market’s real estate needs. The team launched in 2016 bringing a technology forward approach to marketing properties and finding property for specific buyers in a tight market.

We launched a team that really had a fierce focus on value added. We didn’t just build a team to say we built a team.
— Stacey McVey

Stacey and Kevin have cultivated an environment where a very productive agent can work and feel supported in a larger volume of business than on their own. They found a way to streamline the transaction process and support each agent in a concierge style role. This allows the agents to enhance their productivity spending more time out in the field nurturing relationships and monitoring shifts in the market. CLEliving is on a relentless pursuit of enhancing efficiency and productivity using the systems they are known for on the back end.

Since the day it all began, the team has lived up to and far surpassed all expectations. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty is thrilled to welcome CLEliving to our Avon and Gordon Square (coming soon) locations.

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Why Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty?

“We had been watching the brokerage from afar for quite some time. Berkshire had a better suite of resources and tools to support a team. We want to play in the same sandbox as other great big teams that have experienced explosive growth so that was one of the main reasons for coming over. Naturally, we looked at the broker’s technology to ensure that it aligned with our systems and we feel we’ve found the perfect match. Our transition was flawless and we have been thrilled with the seamlessness of the brokerage’s support.”

What sets you apart from other teams in the area?

“Our ability to create a custom strategy for each and every listing in each and every community. Even within the same community there are differences. What I tell sellers is that it’s not just about the initial strategy, but it’s keeping your eye on the market while your house is for sale. Every listing has a customized plan that evolves with shifts in the market. The tactics have to change as the market changes so we are very strategic in the way we tweak our plan so our sellers are positioned correctly no matter what happens around them.”

How does your team stay on the cutting edge of technology in the industry?

“We really have an eye on technology and how it can enhance the client’s experience. It’s really important to get outside your local market to network with agents in other markets so you are in-tune with what is going on. We use technology to leverage new ways of doing business that we find are evolving outside our market instead of simply copying what everyone else is doing in the Cleveland market. You can move faster if you have great tools and we’ve just gotten really great at creating those. What Kevin has the capacity to build is unbelievable.”

How would you describe the team’s dynamic?

“We are extraordinarily energetic, client centric, and tech forward. Our team is innovative and good at seeking opportunities and ways to create client experiences in a new way. We can all survive on our own, but we choose to be together.”

What advice do you have for buyers and sellers in today’s market?

“It’s essential that you understand the difference between brokerage and agent. There is no one size fits all when it comes to hiring an agent from an outstanding brokerage. You need a thorough consultation and evidence of what the agent considers their expertise. It’s a big deal to understand the criteria on which you’re hiring the agent. An agent should be able to show you metrics that set them apart from others you consider beside simply being skilled at pricing a home.”

What are your goals as a team coming into 2019?

“We are looking to add three more quality agents to our team within the next 12 months. We are also focusing heavily on community involvement, which is very important to us. We will continue to support the community events and efforts all around the large area we service in Cleveland.”

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Professional Realty is proud to welcome this team of agents to the brokerage!

Kevin Davey, Stacey McVey, Cheryl Roy, Coleen Estanek, Courtney Moss, Jon Lewis, Kendra Adams, Maxwell Rady, Nicolas Miller


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